Package Film/bag for Pesticides and Chemicals

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Thickness: 35micron ~ 75microns
width: 120mm ~ 1600mm, Cut according to customized requirement
Fracture strength: longitudinal direction: 45 to 65MPa
Transverse direction: 26MPa to 35MPa
Elongation at break: lengthwise 180% ~ 275%

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⚡ 1) Safe and non-toxic: Water-soluble film is safe and non-toxic, non-irritating and easy to degrade.  Dissolved in water, the final degradation products are carbon dioxide and water, which can be excreted by the body through metabolism after absorption.

⚡ 2) Environmentally friendly and soluble: water-soluble film is colorless and transparent, which can be quickly dissolved in water to release the contents of the film packaging, so that the effective ingredients play a role quickly, the film is neutral after dissolution, the composition of no pollution to the environment, is a kind of environmental protection products.

⚡ 3) Oil and rot resistance: water-soluble film is not dissolved in most organic solvents (such as benzene, xylene, etc.) and all animal oils, vegetable oils and petroleum hydrocarbons, etc., but dissolved in glycerol, ethylene glycol, amide, triethanolamine and ethanolamine salt and dimethyl maple.

⚡ 4) Anti-static: Water-soluble film is a kind of anti-static film, different from other plastic film, has good anti-static property. In the process of using water-soluble film packaging products, it will not cause its plasticity and electrostatic dust performance reduction because of static electricity.

⚡ 5) Elastic tensile strength: water-soluble film thickness of 0.03-0.05mm, its tensile strength of 100-300 kg/cm2, elongation of 10-600%, hardness of Shaw hardness less than 10. Because this film has good flexibility, can be made into a variety of sizes of packaging forms, optional packaging, easy to make bags, easy to process.

⚡ 6) Accurate measurement: Water-soluble film has high mechanical automatic packaging performance when its unique elastic modulus and tensile strength, suitable for all kinds of automatic filling machine, improve the accuracy of dose.

⚡ 7) Strong heat sealing: Water soluble packaging bag has good heat sealing, heat resistant temperature up to 140℃, suitable for resistance heat sealing and high-frequency heat sealing.

⚡ 8) Air permeability and oxygen resistance: Water soluble film has strong permeability to water and ammonia, but has good barrier to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas. These characteristics make it to keep the composition and original smell of the packaged products intact, protect the activity of the contents, and improve the effective use of pesticides.

⚡ 9) Clear printing: Water-soluble film can be printed on the surface of the film through ink all kinds of required color patterns, good printing.


Package film/bag for pesticides and chemicals

The product is applied to the packaging lining bag of pesticide and chemical products (particles, powders, liquids), which can avoid to contact with pesticides and chemical products directly, reducing skin damage, and avoid toxic substances remaining in plastic bags.



Thickness: 35micron ~ 75microns
Width: 120mm ~ 1600mm, Cut according to customized requirement
Fracture strength: longitudinal direction: 45 to 65MPa
Transverse direction: 26MPa to 35MPa
Elongation at break: lengthwise 180% ~ 275%
Transverse 200% ~ 540%
Water dissolution time: <= 240 seconds, water temperature 25℃, standing in water, stirring can accelerate the dissolution
Packing requirements: Roll and seal with polyethylene film separately, carton packing
Storage conditions: dry, no direct solar radiation, no high temperature, no icing.

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